About CCI SanitationPLUS Program™

• 48 Million Americans (1 in 6) Get Sick
• 128,000 Are Hospitalized
• 3,000 Die Each Year From Food Borne Diseases


Under the new Food Safety Modernization Act, FDA now has the ability to focus on preventing food safety problems rather than just responding to contamination. With enforcement effective from April 7, 2017, perishable foods transportation providers have been mandated by the FDA to meet specific sanitization requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act, that reduce the instances of food adulteration and subsequent food borne illnesses caused by cross contamination occurring in the container. Those who do not come into compliance will risk criminal penalties including significant fines and imprisonment.

CCI SanitationPLUS Program™ takes the guesswork out of compliance issues with a unique audit-ready tracking system and a dry-clean solution, meaning no water enters the trailer for cleaning. Cleaning with water and detergent does not provide adequate sanitization, and disposal of chemical cleaners can be harmful to the environment.

Offering an environmentally-friendly alternative, CCI SanitationPLUS Program™ uses a dry-clean solution, eliminating contaminated water run-off into groundwater systems. Instead of water, CCI Sanitation uses air to deliver the antimicrobial product to surfaces. After a sweep-out, a complete CCI SanitationPLUS Program™ treatment for a 53ft. refrigerated trailer takes approximately 4 minutes, with less than 1 quart of material dispensed. Fuel costs are reduced as drivers do not need to make dedicated wash out trips and driver downtime is reduced as the need for waiting for wash out and dry of container prior to loading is eliminated.

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